Simply Fierce

Simply Fierce is a cosmetic line that provides products that highlight your features instead of covering them up, allowing you to be fiercely confident with your natural beauty and be comfortable with your skin.

Other makeup brands are designed to cover up your “flaws,” but Simply Fierce is not like that. We believe that you can own up to those “flaws” and turn them into something beautiful through our products.

Because beauty was never about hiding the not-so-good parts, it’s about owning it and telling yourself it will never be a limitation.

Simply Fierce’s product line focuses on allowing you to be yourself – and become an even better version of it.

Where it Started

Simply Fierce started with young Nicole Naziel’s fascination with makeup. Even at a young age, Nicole knows that she has an extraordinary love for makeup. She used to play with her mother’s makeup and, soon enough, had playsets of her own.

This fascination developed into passion when Nicole grew up to be a makeup artist. More than her experience in the making up for hundreds of women, her conversations with them proved more valuable. It gave Nicole a deep understanding of what many women feel – nervous, unsure, and pressured.

Women are unsure how they should wear makeup and feel pressured in justifying why they have to wear them. Women are tied with all these uncertainties and unnecessary pressure. And Nicole knew it was time to set them free.

Nicole took her passion to the next level and developed a cosmetic line for these women. If you ever felt unsure or pressured, know that Simply Fierce is the perfect makeup line for you.

Simply Fierce first launched in Canada last September 2018 but is now based in Adelaide, South Australia. Nicole now focuses on the Australian market but continues to dream of selling her products globally – hoping to reach more women and transform their uncertainty into beauty.

Simply Fierce is an embodiment of Nicole’s dream come true – a dream conquered. And we are here to help you conquer yours.

Are you conquering your dreams? Do it in style! Do it with Simply Fierce.

What is Fierce?

Fierce can be many things, but for us in Simple Fierce, we believe that it is about owning who you are and being confident in flaunting it.

Being fierce means being unapologetically you. It means conquering the world by wearing your confidence, by wearing Simply Fierce.

It’s about not overthinking whether your makeup conceals your identity; it’s about knowing your makeup is a part of you that makes you shine brighter.

So, illuminate woman, the world is ready for you.

Be who you are. Be Simply Fierce.

Our Products

Simply Fierce is currently focused on eye makeup. They say the eyes are the window to the soul, and we’re here to make sure anyone who gets a peek of that window will see a fiercely, confident woman.

We all have the classics – from eyeliner, eyeshadow, and mascara. We’ve got some high-definition powder and a contour stick too.

We are continually developing our product line to give you more confidence and fierceness to take on the world.

With Simply Fierce, there will always be something to look forward to.