Paris Berlin

Paris Berlin boasts of its high-quality products. All the ingredients are carefully handpicked because we put quality at the heart of our products. We want our products to be long-lasting because we want a long-lasting relationship with you too! All Paris Berlin pro products are very deeply pigmented, and their quality reveals itself when your makeup is still intact several hours after it’s been put on.

Why be the same? Be Different!

Paris Berlin is a professional makeup brand like no other. We want to set ourselves apart from the common definition of professional makeup – high-end, essential, must-have. We define ourselves apart from others by giving our brand a sprinkle of sensuality, enjoyment, imagination, and humor.

We are done with the sameness of things, and Paris Berlin wants to embody unconventionality and free spirit. Anyone who wears our brand will be empowered to embrace their difference.

Quality Makeup You Can Trust

We do not mass produce because we want every item on our product list to be the best that you can get. In Paris Berlin, we test our products for several months, sometimes a year, and allow different makeup artists to try them before releasing them for commercial purchase. We want to ensure that all our products pass our high-quality standards even if it takes more time to prepare – all for a satisfied customer.

Cruelty-Free Makeup That is Wallet-Friendly

Didn't we say we are different? While most companies' goal is to maximize profits and sales, we aim to deliver the best possible product at a wallet-friendly price. We don't sell in large quantities, but we want to make sure that anyone with a Paris Berlin got it at a price worth their while. High-quality product at a wallet-friendly price? Now that's a win-win!

Everyone who wears Paris Berlin makeup can rest easy that our makeup is cruelty-free. Wear your Paris Berlin proudly because you are assured that all the ingredients are ethically sourced!

A Promise of a Healthy Skin

You can wear your Paris Berlin makeup every day. We had considered the health of your skin when we carefully handpicked the ingredients. With Paris Berlin, you can have makeup that can last for hours while taking care of your skin.

Our Products

We have a wide array of products for your choosing.

We've got a line for face powders, correctors, compact powders, and blushes that match different complexions.

We've got your eyes covered too with our shadow pencils, mascaras, and eyeliners. We add glitters to the lineup too! And if you're up for some fake lashes, we've got a variety of the regular ones, and we have a set of fake fantasy eyelashes as well.

Our lipstick and lip pencil collection will give you an overall look for your lips. And to stay true to our promise of giving you healthy skin, our makeup base and make-up remover line are guaranteed to give your skin the tender loving care it deserves.

But there's more! We believe that makeup isn't just about the makeup but about the accessories as well. Our accessories line comprises brushes, makeup kits, sponges, makeup bags and belts, and even empty containers – giving you convenience for a holistic and wonderful makeup experience.