Ben Nye Makeup

Ben Nye continues to create innovative products by listening to the needs of their makeup family. As the industry evolves, Ben Nye evolves along with it too.

Named after the founder himself, Ben Nye continues to carve its name across the makeup industry. Known for its high-quality products, Ben Nye remains a pillar of professional makeup artists around the globe.

Its versatile collection of makeup products that cater to different makeup genres makes it a popular choice among professional makeup artists.

How It Started

Ben Nye Sr. was a renowned Hollywood makeup artist who founded the brand in 1967. As a professional makeup artist, he wanted his company to offer professional artists and actors only the best of the best.

Ben Nye Sr. used his extensive knowledge about using makeup in different fields – allowing him to create different kinds of makeup for different occasions. His quality color cosmetics are well-loved and well-trusted in various industry genres, including performance, beauty, and special effects.

Ben Nye remains a family business and is now being managed by Ben Nye’s youngest son, Dana Nye. Dana continues to maintain his father’s commitment to serving professional makeup artists around the globe.

They continue to expand and have branches in Dusseldorf, Sydney, Oslo, Barcelona, and Vancouver.

About Ben Nye Sr.

Ben Nye Sr. was a 20th Century Fox Makeup Director. His expertise spread to up to forty years allowing him to create over 500 feature films and TV shows. Ben Nye Sr. used this experience as a foundation of his creation. Taking from his own experience, he was able to create a majestic piece of art sealed in handy packages.

He worked with legends like Marilyn Monroe, Paul Newman, and Julie Andrews. He is also one of the creatives behind Gone With The Wind, Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, The Fly, and The Sound of Music. These legendary actors and actresses and classic and timeless films are witnesses to Ben Nye Sr.’s greatness.

He has taught countless makeup artists and honed their creativity in the very well-known style – beauty and realism.

Our Products

Ben Nye has a product line for all sorts of makeup genres. We offer specialty makeup for film and TV, Theatre, Halloween, Special Effects, Drag, Cosplay, and Body Paint. Whether you want that standing ovation after a theatre performance, be the spookiest character on Halloween, or conjure other-worldly creatures – Ben Nye has everything you need to pull off that show.

Our makeup line for bridal and fashion makeup is sought after, too. Look your best in this once-in-a-lifetime moment or rock the runway as you strut confidently with your makeup on. Ben Nye will make it all possible for you.

Almost all of Ben Nye’s products are crafted by hand at our facility in Los Angeles. We place innovative creativity at the center of our craft; thus, we always lend our ear to working artists when they tell us how we can serve the industry better. We continue to innovate based on the experiences and recommendations of the very people we are serving.

We always give special attention to quality control to ensure that our product will live up to our established name. We continue to improve our product line as our industry continues to evolve – all for our makeup family.