Atelier continues to innovate and explore different variations of high-quality products so we can give our clients the best they deserve.

Makeup for Professionals by Professionals

Atelier Professional is a makeup like no other. Each product is designed and formulated in Atelier’s privately owned laboratories.

Created by professional makeup artist Helene Quille herself, Atelier has created a name for itself within the professional makeup artist circle, making it one of the most trusted makeup brands in the industry.

When It Started

Helene Quille is a very talented makeup artist who used to head special effects in films and theatre productions. Atelier Professional started its journey in Paris in 1986. Because it is an undeniably high-quality product, it is well used by professional makeup artists in the field of high fashion, television, and theatre.

As a professional artist herself, Helene continued to make products for her profession. Her 5-shadow palette design placed Atelier in the international scene last 1989 and 1990. It became so popular that other well-known brands tried to copy it.

But Atelier is always one step ahead – they’ve constantly created variations with colors, textures and made different combinations while maintaining their signature cutting edge quality –something that’s difficult to replicate.

Up to this day, professional makeup artists have placed their trust in Atelier because they know it will be nothing short of professional. They trust Atelier enough with their credibility and masterpieces because they know Atelier will never let them down.

If professional makeup artists put their trust in Atelier, then you should too.  

Atelier expanded in Melbourne, Australia, last 1992 making it a popular brand in the country as well. Atelier has transferred to Adelaide, South Australia, and continues to provide high-quality makeup to every Australian who chooses it.

Whether you are a professional makeup artist, a beauty therapist, or simply a makeup enthusiast, you will never regret a single cent paid for an Atelier makeup.

Our Products

Atelier offers a wide range of makeup lines that can be used for both professional and personal purposes – from care products to makeup for the skin, eyes, lips, and cheeks. We offer an extensive assortment of high-quality products ranging from lightly textured foundations with amazing coverage, multiple combinations of highly pigmented eyeshadows to long-lasting makeup that doesn’t run.

Atelier, we give high importance to quality, so we have used minerals in all our products since we started. We believe that a quality product is one that doesn’t harm your skin no matter how many times you use it.

We believe that quality is holistic, so we also included brushes and other accessories in our product line. Our brushes are made of high-quality material that perfectly complements our makeup line. And we’ve got quality accessories for safekeeping too.

We give attention to packing, too. All our products are kept in stylish and durable packaging. We wouldn’t want you to lose your precious make up just because it broke after falling.

Atelier also offers Empty Palettes to let you explore your creative self. We’ve got palettes for your own unique combination of eyeshadows, blushes, and lipsticks.

Atelier has a whole range of product lines related to make up because we want to cover every aspect of it to give you the best beauty experience you can have.