Choosing an Adelaide Makeup Course

Starting a career in the makeup industry can be exciting! When deciding which Adelaide Makeup Course to enrol in, it’s important to ensure that the makeup school is right for you.


Class Sizes

The last thing you want when making a considerable investment in professional makeup training is to be in class with a lot of people that don’t allow you to spend one-on-one time with your lecturer getting feedback and assistance to develop your skills. A great question to ask when enquiring at different makeup schools is the number of people in a class, if the school keeps their class sizes smaller you can rest assured knowing that you will be able to spend a lot of time learning one-on-one from your makeup educator

In-Person or Online Training

The pandemic has made online education much more prevalent, whilst this is a great way to learn, we believe that the best way to learn professional makeup skills is with an in-person course. Studying makeup in-person is not only a great way to get feedback from your educator but also have fun and make friends while you are studying makeup.


Makeup Store

Some makeup schools also sell professional makeup products directly to trade (direct to makeup artists), these schools will often offer a special discount for their alumni, whilst it isn’t a huge factor to keep in mind when looking at different makeup courses. You will find that you are regularly getting in touch with your makeup educators long after your course when you are looking for new product recommendations and to re-stock your collection.


Our Recommendation; Face Agency

Face Agency is Adelaide’s leading makeup school and our recommendation here at Simply Fierce, whether you are looking to enroll in a short course or a 16-week makeup artistry, Face Agency has a makeup or hairstyling course for you.

SFX Course

If you are looking to work in the film & television industry, an SFX course could be a great option. You will learn about many different topics that will help you work in a variety of makeup artist roles, such as bold cap application, cuts, bruises, scar makeup and the history of different makeup styles over the years to help you recreate era-appropriate makeup on actors and actresses

Professional Makeup Artistry

Professional makeup artistry is a great option to equip yourself with all the skills and techniques to become a makeup artist. You will learn skills that will play a fundamental role throughout your career in makeup such as colour theory, matching foundation to skin tones and styles of makeup as well as styling makeup application to your clients face shape.


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