About Us | Simply Fierce

Our purpose is to help you find your natural beauty and be fiercely confident in who you are.

We provide products that enhance your features without covering them up.

Simply Fierce began as the idea of a young girl, from a small town in British Columbia, Canada.

Nicole Naziel has always had a fascination with makeup. It started at a very young age while playing with her mother’s makeup and progressed to having play-sets of her own. Eventually, she was allowed to buy and wear her own grown-up makeup – but not soon enough.

From a young age, she dreamed of being a global makeup artist and one day developing a makeup brand of her own.

She did go on to become a makeup artist and through providing consulting advice and talking about makeup (and it’s challenges) with hundreds of women, Nicole developed a deep understanding that many felt nervous and unsure about how they should wear it to best suit their unique needs. They often felt pressured that they always had to wear makeup, but were still unsure of what to wear and felt like they had to justify why they wore it.

After many years of working with makeup and providing consulting advice, Nicole’s dream became a reality. Simply Fierce launched in Canada on September 2018. Soon after Nicole moved to Adelaide, South Australia to live with her partner and with her moved the Simply Fierce business. She now focuses on the Australian market but has an eye on selling globally.

What is Fierce?

Fierce can be many things. For Nicole it is not about being aggressive but possessing a strong confident attitude – it is about acknowledging who you are and facing the challenge of simply being comfortable in your own skin. Simply Fierce believes you shouldn’t need to over think your makeup and whatever you choose to do – be confident and own it – fiercely!

The Simply Fierce approach to makeup encapsulates this attitude with a small range that is true to the Simply Fierce philosophy. Currently the range is focused on eye makeup with many more products soon to be released – all staying true to the owners purpose.

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