6 Eyeliner Makeup Tips to Show Your True Beauty

Eyeliner plays a dynamic role in every makeup look, whether in a lowkey or stand-out-kind way.  It can brighten up your eyes, making them have more volume, more width. It even gives your eyes a seductive and attractive appeal.

As with all makeup products, eyeliners take some time to master.

Keep in mind that practice makes perfect, especially when you look at our six eyeliner tips!

  • Know what’s what: Learn the difference between Pencil, Liquid, and Gel.

There are three main kinds of eyeliners available, and each of them requires its unique method of application. 

Each kind of eyeliner will get you different outcomes. This means that understanding the various effects of each eyeliner will help bring out your true beauty.

The three main kinds of eyeliner are:

  • Pencil – Pencil types are the most accessible kind of eyeliner to use, but you have to ensure that you keep them sharp. Eyeliner pencils enable you to create thin and thick lines and allow for smudging.
  • Liquid – Liquid types tend to get messy when making mistakes. But once you master using liquid eyeliners, they can give you solid and sharp-looking lines.
  • Gel – Gel types can come in brushes or pens. The creamy texture makes gel eyeliners great for layering and adding volume, and they achieve this subtly than liquid eyeliners. Gel eyeliners also need a steady hand, but these are more forgiving than liquid eyeliners when you commit a mistake.
  • Let Your Eyes Shine!

Do you want to make your eyes look brighter and wider? Do you need to cover up tired and red eyes?

Worry not; all you need is a nude or white eyeliner.

All you need to do is first apply a layer of nude eyeliner to your lower waterline. Make sure you choose a nude eyeliner with a waterproof formula.

You can experiment too with lining your upper waterline, which is a technique called tightlining. Doing this technique adds volume to the eyes while hiding the fact you’re wearing eyeliner. Tightlining also helps make your lashes look fuller and longer.

  • Experiment with colors

When using eyeliners, you’d want to experiment with the colors you use and see which one suits you.

Below are samples of what colors to use according to your eye color:

  • Brown Eyes – For brown eyes, you can use bright, bold colors. 
  • Blue or Gray Eyes – Try looking for contrasts to your eye color. Colors like copper, gold, and caramel work.
  • Green Eyes – Colors with a red undertone will work well, such as garnet and plum. 
  • Hazel Eyes – You can try using emerald or purple to bring out the green fleck of brown eyes. You can also use gold or cocoa brown to highlight the brown fleck.

Continuously experiment and find what works best for you.

  • Keep Cotton Swabs Nearby

When making a mistake, you’d want to clear it up as soon as possible. Keeping a cotton swab, some moisturizer, micellar water, or eye makeup remover would greatly help hide your mistakes. Just remember to keep them close and ready when you put on your eye makeup.

  • Tips To Improve Your Cat Eye

The cat-eye is an alluring style of using eyeliner. To help you in getting a clean cat eye, we present you with some hacks below:

  • Tiny Dots – You can use small dots first to plot out the area where you want to put eyeliner on. After that, connect the dots.
  • Pencil – you can use a pencil with a light shade to outline your cat-eye. Afterwards, fill the outline with your eyeliner. 

  • Smudge Prevention

To prevent smudging of your eyeliner, you can do these things:

  • 30-second rule – after you apply your eyeliner, close your eyes and wait 30 seconds so it’ll dry.
  • Eyeliner sealer – Eyeliner sealers are liquid solutions you place over your eyeliner. Eyeliner sealers help prevent smudging.

Eyeliners are one of the many makeup tools you’ll take with you wherever you go. Mastering the art of using eyeliners will help you unleash your true, ferocious beauty.

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